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The 3DInsect idea born as a result of the M. Eng. thesis in 2019. The word photogrammetry is the combination of three distinct Greek words ‘Photo’, ‘Gram’ and ‘metry’ which translated in English literally means, light, drawing and measurement respectively.

History and stages

29.10.2019 First  insect model (test model) published in 3DInsect website. The photogrammetry process working, but the photographic process is not working yet. Now published insect model file size is under 10 MB.  After first step in photogrammetry process, exported model file size was 293 MB

15.10.2019 The first photogrammetry modeling with a microscope failed. Microscope method rejected

15.9.2019 3DInsect website was published

3.2.2019 The idea was born

Project targets

Making objects available to general public and scientists

Delivering content to various end user devices, such as computers and mobile devices


More information coming…