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We started building a new photogrammetry set up and the goal is getting better and more accurate 3D models from insects in the summer 2021. That’s why new insects models has not been published for a moment. Thus far we are use Olympus OM-D Mark II and M.Zuiko 30mm macro lens. In the future we will move using a new tecnology and we introduce FLIR Blackfly 20 MPs and an MPZ 35 mm Computar lens. Interesting challenges ahead, so stay tuned!


Carabus nemoralis

Model published December 23, 2020. Last modified April 6, 2021.

Carabus nemoralis (Bronze Carabid) size 20 - 26 mm. Carabus nemoralis is a beneficial predator as it eats the agricultural pest Deroceras reticulatum slug in its young stage and also its eggs.


3DInsect brings scanned 3D models from real world insects into augmented reality – interactive & with stunning photo realism using photogrammetry. The results are true color, scaled 3D models of the insects that can be viewed, rotated and zoomed.

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